Wednesday, September 19, 2007

i have no idea what time it is anywhere but here....

i think about it maybe more than i should...any-whoo wed was a kicker it seemed like i was never going to stop walking there were two places on the menu to find but along the way we found some intersting stuff. the first place was disk union which has a store that sells cds, dvds and records(check your history books for what records are kids!) but we were looking for the punk store and after walking for i don't know how long we found it! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
the store was small and full of cds, a few dvds, records and videos(huhh!). it was okay with pricing and and the staff seemed nice enough...oh i forgot one thing in the elevator going to the store a guys asked us if we wanted to buy some drugs, vicodin and something else but ummm... like no dude!
well on the way to the shop we found many other cool things like a shop with a platinum gundam! hell yeah, sweet!!!!!
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and an arcade with many claw games(i'm going to keep trying for this one toy a mushroom baby) but i so wanted to climb into this one! i think i look like the bear in the back far left! ;)
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